Our Resilient Sangha

My sangha that has spent the last year and a half recovering from yet another case of Zen teachers’ abuse of power. We’d like to share what we learned.

In the late fall of 2020, our Greater Boston Zen Center (GBZC) sangha was still recovering—spiritually, emotionally, financially, organizationally—from our split with Boundless Way Zen (BoWZ) over issues of teachers’ abuse of power. Then, just before Thanksgiving, a new issue came up for our now-separate group: Our GBZC Spiritual Director engaged in year-long secret emotional and sexual misconduct with one of his students.

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Post-Infection Syndrome No. 2

TMI alert! If you suffer from a post-infection syndrome, or suspect that you do and have nerve and/or gut problems, or are a health care professional, you might want to read this post. Otherwise, I encourage you to give it a miss.

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